Nov 5th Guests


Tanya Gendelman – NY Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate

Brad Gerstman / Political Strategist

Ryan McCormick & Mark Goldman – PR Experts / Political Strategists


Bob Bowdon / Education Expert & Huffington Post Contributor


Elizabeth Kelley / Criminal Defense Attorney

Marc Harrold / Attorney & First Amendment Author

Robin Bond – Workplace Attorney

Dr. Leah Lagos – Psychologist


David Selig / Business Owner & Tax Practitioner



Robert Romano / Sports Attorney



TJ Walker – Public Speaking / Communication Expert


Stacey Nelkin – Relationship Expert


Contact: Goldman McCormick PR

Mark Goldman

(516) 639-0988


Ryan McCormick



(Ryan & Mark are both former Radio & TV producers and want to ensure that every guest you have on is absolute win for you).


Bob Bowdon is an Education Expert, Huffington Post Contributor, and Director of “The Cartel” ( ), an education advocacy film (DVD release Dec. 1st). He has been a television producer, reporter, news anchor, and commentator on education for the past fifteen years He holds multiple degrees from Purdue University, Stanford University, and New York University.


US Education Dept’ Higher Education Rule Package Will Create Bureaucratic Nightmare


US Education Department Takes On Bullies


Facebook Page Says Arkansas School Official Wants Gays Dead


Department of Education — Teachers Can Be Held Accountable for Bullying


David Selig ( is an experienced federal tax practitioner, NYC Businessman, & Former Marine. He has been seen on Fox & Friends, CBS, and heard on radio all over the USA .


IRS takes on breastfeeding moms

Aggressive IRS Enforcement Takes Toll on Taxpayer Advocate’s Tax Relief Services


Study Reveals States With the Best and Worst Tax Climates


How can entrepreneurs hope to be in compliance with a 100,000-page tax code? The IRS is stacking the deck against small businesses barely keeping afloat in the recession


IRS budget increased in 2010: Congress added an additional $400 million of taxpayer funds into the IRS enforcement budget this year.–


Brad Gerstman is a preeminent government relations strategist, Attorney, & Partner at Gotham Government Relations/ GerstmanSchwartz Law Firm on Long Island, NY. His in-depth, practical knowledge of the inner workings of government and politics consistently produces favorable results for leading corporations, institutions, and individuals. He is a well-known advocate for individuals with disabilities and special needs including Autism. He is very opinionated and media savvy.


Analyzing National and Local Elections – Who Are The Big Winners of November 2nd?


What Candidates Will Be the Strongest Advocates for Children With Autism?



Elizabeth Kelley ( ) is a Criminal Defense Attorney based in Cleveland , Ohio . Attorney Kelley specializes in representing individuals with mental illness including PTSD & Bipolar Disorder. Elizabeth also is the host of “ Celebrity Court ” on News Talk 1420 WHK in Cleveland . Elizabeth is a regular on CNN HLN, TruTV, Fox News Strategy Room, and radio shows everywhere

Anna Nicole Smith Drug Trial: What’s Next for Howard K Stern?,0,2966274.story


Randy Quaid Pursues Refugee Claim in Canada


Porn Actress Wants Charlie Sheen’s Probation Revoked – Is She Right?


Any Legal News on your station


Robert J. Romano is a CT Based Entertainment & Sports Attorney.  Romano is also an experienced contract attorney and litigator who has negotiated employment contracts, public appearance, endorsement & marketing and sponsorship agreements for professional athletes, coaches and front office personnel. He has been heard on radio all over the USA commenting on sports issues as well as entertainment.


Controversial Officiating Calls Prompt Rare Move By NFL


Blame It On The Wife: Tiger Woods’ Kiss And Tell Mistress Blames Elin Nordegren For His Cheating


World Series at Risk for Cablevision as FCC May Not Help in Spat


Marc Harrold ( is an attorney, Former Police Officer, & author of the critically-acclaimed book “Observations of White No is e…an ‘Acid Test’ for the First Amendment. He is a regular on CNN HLN, TruTV, and radio everwhere.


Is California Ban on Violent Video Games Legal? High Court to Weigh Issue

Is the Separation of Church and State Implicit in the First Amendment?

California Man Facing 10-Years In Prison Over Marijuana Joint Possession


Attorney Robin Bond is a Philadelphia, PA Based workplace legal expert & former Prosecutor whose savvy approach and razor-sharp knowledge of employment law have saved hundreds of men and women from falling off their career tracks. She is a regular on CNN, TruTV, Fox News Strategy Room, and radio all over the county. Check out


Got a Bully for a Boss? How You Can Survive a Toxic Workplace

Preventing Election-Season Clashes in the Workplace


Employers May Win U.S. Health Law Exemption to Switch Insurers


Tanya Gendelman (who emigrated from Russia) is a Civil Rights Attorney and Candidate for New York’s Lieutenant Governor. She focuses in personal injury, medical malpractice, immigration, and consumer legal is sues. Tanya can comment on any topic and is a great last minute guest. She is fluent in Russian. She has been seen on Fox News’s Geraldo, Fox Strategy Room, and radio all over the USA . Website –


Tanya is Available For Comment on All Election News

Fighting Bullying With Lawsuits


Dr. Leah Lagos holds a doctorate in Psychology & is a Therapist with offices within the NY metropolitan Area.


Psychology Behind Showtime’s Hit Show “Dexter”

What the Brett Favre scandal teaches us about men

Mental Health in the Workplace


TJ Walker ( is a communications commentator on the Reuters Insider Network. He is Author of the new book “HowTo Give A Pretty Good Presentation” and one of the leading media trainer/crisis communications counselors in the world. For more than 25 years TJ has coached presidents of countries, CEOs, Prime Ministers, Nobel Peace Prize winners, Miss Universes and thousands of corporate executives. He is CEO of Media Training Worldwide.


Grading Obama’s Vist on Jon Stewart and ‘The Daily Show’ in D.C. – Did He Communicate With Confidence?

Ways To Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking


Ryan McCormick, Media Relation Specialists at Goldman McCormick PR ( a New York City based public relations agency that specializes in traditional media and social media placement for law, finance, media, and corporate based clients.


Election 2010: What Candidates Are Giving The Best PR to Their Parties?

Does CBS Risking Losing Millions of Dollars A Result of Charlie’s Sheen’s Recent Behavior?

Is Oksana Grigorieva Losing the PR Battle Against Mel Gibson?


Stacey Nelkin ( has been an actress for most of her life starring in such films as “Halloween III”, “Going Ape”, “Yellowbeard” and more. She is the founder of The Daily Affair (, a website about relationships, modern marriage, affairs, sex, and more. Stacey is also a Relationship Expert and co-author of the new book “You Can’t Afford to Break Up: How an Empty Wallet and a Dirty Mind Can Save Your Relationship”. She has been see all over TV & Radio.

Who Has the Most Stable Celeb Marriage?


Obama says his opinion of same-sex marriage is evolving‎


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